The NN Group is an international financialservices company that is based in the Netherlands. The NN Group is carbonneutral and aims to achieve a net-zero proprietary investment portfolio by2050.

Measuring and Disclosing Carbon Emissions

The NN Group carries out a periodic review ofits adherence to its climate-related policies. The company measures itsgreenhouse gas emissions and resource use annually. The company actively setstargets for greenhouse gas emission reduction and energy efficiency and summarisethese goals in its annual report.

Eco-Friendly Procurement Processes

The NN Group is looking to reduce carbonemissions in as many areas of its business, including its procurementpractices. The NN Group is a signatory of the Sustainability Manifesto. Thismanifesto declares that its signatories must use apply environmental and socialcriteria to their procurement processes and inform their procurement suppliersof this obligation. The NN group also continually works on implementing the UNGlobal Compact principles in its procurement policy.

Investing While Respecting Environmental Standards

The NN Group has a framework called theResponsibility Investment that they apply to all of their investments. Thisframework outlines their expectations of and processes for assessingenvironmental, social and governance (ESG) related risks. This framework isused in both investment analysis and decision making at the NN Group. Theframework extends to funds and companies the NN Group chooses to invest in. Theyalso consider how climate issues could impact the long-term success of theirinvestments.

The Importance of Disclosing Climate-Related Activity

The NN Group encourages its investee companiesto adopt environmentally responsible business practices. Some of thisencouragement is done in collaboration with other investors, such as theInstitutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC). The NN Group alsosupports the FSB’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. Thistask force is committed to creating recommendations for more effectiveclimate-related disclosures with the goal of creating market transparency withregard to climate-related investment risks. The NN Group also supports the CDP,which is a non-profit that actively encourages businesses to measure, managedisclose and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.