Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon is a meal kitcompany that delivers pre-portioned, chilled, fresh ingredients andcorresponding recipes to the customer’s door. The company is making the effortto stay green and create a positive impact on the environment. The company isfully carbon neutral. In situations where Marley Spoon cannot avoid carbonemissions, they countervail the emissions with carbon offsetting actions.

Meals Kits Are Greener

The meal kit service that Marley Spoon employsis actually more environmentally friendly than its alternatives. A study by theUniversity of Michigan found that Marley Spoon meals had a lower overall carbonfootprint than their grocery store equivalents. This was despite the fact thatMarley Spoon meals had more packaging than their grocery store equivalents. Itwas also found that average greenhouse gas emissions are one-third lower formeal kit dinners than meals purchased from grocery stores.

Marley Spoon packaging is made from recycledmaterials and can easily be recycled at home. The chill packs that are used tokeep ingredients cool for delivery are also reusable. The plastic parts of thepackaging can also be recycled. Marley Spoon aims for all of its productpackaging to be curbside recyclable by the end of 2025.

Marley Spoon’s Carbon Offsetting Efforts

Marley Spoon is making a serious effort tooffset its carbon emissions and remain carbon neutral. The company is workingwith a CO2 offsetting partner, ClimatePartner, in order to fulfil thisoffsetting mission. Marley Spoons aims to ensure that these projects meetinternational standards set by certification programs like Verra and GoldStandard for the Global Goals

With the help of ClimatePartner, Marley Spoonhas planted more than 40,000 trees in Venezuela and Uruguay. The trees absorbcarbon from the atmosphere. It has also distributed more than 4,000 clean andefficient cookstoves to families in Zambia; prior to this, these familiescooked with open fires. These cookstoves reduce the release of both greenhouse gasesand aerosols. The company’s Australian fulfilment centre in Sydney is evenpowered by renewable energy.

Reducing Food Waste

Marley Spoon’s supply chain is designed sothat the company orders what they need to fulfil customer orders and no more.This means that there is no overordering and very little food is wasted. Infact, since Marley Spoon launched 6 years ago, the company managed to maintaina rate of wasting less than 1 per cent of food, even though its order rateincreased by 90 per cent in 2020.

The Start of Sustainable Food Delivery

Marley Spoon is a leader in making the foodindustry more sustainable. It has achieved the incredible feat of keeping itsfood and packaging wastage to a minimum, a rarity in the food industry. Othercompanies in the food and food delivery industries should learn from thiscompany’s dedication to the environmental movement.