Adyen is a payment platform that allows businesses to create a personalised payment platform for their customers bothonline and in-stores. The company is a favourite of many large retailers,including Sephora, eBay, Spotify and Singapore Airlines. In 2019, Ayden madethe decision to offset all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions made by their companyand is now carbon neutral.

Makingthe Effort to Reduce GHG Emissions

Ayden is attempting to help reduce GHGemissions with the help of a climate change partner, South Pole. In order toreach carbon neutrality, the company conducted an organisation-wide audit tocreate an understanding of its role in generating GHG and attempt to reachcarbon neutrality. The company is completely carbon neutral in all areas, from transactionscarried out on the Ayden platform, to the flights their employees take, as wellas the energy in their data centres.

The company measures their Scope 1 and Scope 2emissions based on data from their offices globally, by measuring theelectricity they use and how they control the temperature of their offices.Scope 3 emissions are calculated based on transportation mileage, data centreenergy use, hotel stay duration, purchased goods and outsourced activities. Thecompany also extended their Scope 3 to include energy used from its products.This includes transactions on POS terminals, online and mobile payments. Aydenmeasures its greenhouse gas footprint and compensates for this through carboncredits.

The company engages in numerous projects tooffset its GHG emissions. Ayden was involved in the Vietstar Waste Treatmentproject. This project aimed to reduce methane emissions by establishing andoperating composting facilities with the aim of treating organic matter at alandfill site in Vietnam. Ayden reports that it was able to prevent 30,824tCO2e of organic waste from being released and that it created hundreds of jobsin this project.

Ayden’s GHG emissions were further reduced in2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A reduction in office space usageand travel made it so that Ayden could reduce its greenhouse emissions evenfurther.

Going Green is Not Impossible

From companies like Ayden, we can see thatthere is potential to improve sustainability practices in every industry. Aydenis available in thousands of stores across the world, yet still manages to beenvironmentally conscious.