100% carbon neutral is possible.

Achieving carbon neutral status is now within your grasp. The easy-to use checklist will help you complete all necessary steps for PAS 2060 compliance so that we can green up this planet together!

Calculate your carbon footprint in 4 easy steps.

1. Measure & Understand

You can access the latest calculation models and apply globally recognized methodologies with ease, while keeping all your greenhouse gas activity data safe, too - in just one place!
2. Reduce & Avoid

The reduction levers that we've identified for each key contributor and how they contribute towards business goals provide a road map so you knows what needs attention first!
3. Offset emissions

We enable you to offset your carbon footprint with a few clicks. You can determine the amount of money that will be spent on nature-based projects, which are verified and credible sources that help prevent destruction of our planet's natural resources like forests or mountainsides.
4. Showcase & Disclose

Showcase your commitment by sharing your emissions data and impact reduction measures. We offer a hosted sustainability page that will allow you to publish and showcase your responsibility on the environment.

Become 100% carbon neutral
with leading certified standards

“CO2.expert is the leading carbon calculator for businesses to measure andreduce their carbon footprint in a way that's both cost-effective as well efficient with time management while delivering an excellent customer experience at all steps along this process!”
Jesse Metselaar
Impact Consultant

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon emissions had increased by about 90% since the pre-industrial era.