Care about nature?
Calculate your carbon footprint.

Calculate, manage and offset your carbon emissions with our advanced carbon calculator.
“Calculating your carbon footprint is the best way to start
getting insight in your ecological impact.”
- Oscar van Vooren, Impact Consultant
Carbon footprint

Measure & Understand.

Our carbon calculator includes emissions factors for all common purposes to save you time and money.
Emissions management

Reduce & Avoid.

Report on your carbon emissions and set clear target for next year.
Carbon footprint

Offset emissions.

Offset residual emissions for any given period. We provide access to verified carbon projects for easy offsetting of emissions.
Emissions management

Showcase & Disclose

Showcase your commitment on our hosted sustainability page.

Become 100% carbon neutral
with leading certified standards

Become a 100% carbon neutral company.

Take full control of your carbon emissions within CO2.experts.

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We help businesses achieve better insights in their carbon footprint.
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“It all starts with a footprint analysis!”
- John B.
Carbon calculator

Calculate your impact on our planet.

Our carbon calculator makes calculating carbon emissions easy for everyone - from small to large enterprises.
Our advanced carbon calculator allow you to measure your emisions over multiple locations and sources.
View your historical carbon emisions and track how your company is becoming more sustaniable.
Make your emissions data and carbon projects public to showcase your efforts and progress.

Calculate your CO2 footprint. makes managing carbon emissions easy for everyone – service providers, startups, freelancers and more.
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“I'll walk you through the steps and show that it's easy for your organization to take action on your emissions, in real time!”

Oscar van Vooren
Impact Consultant


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